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Pastor Bob is a Christian Pastor, who is ordained and holds a Masters Degree in Christian Ministry. Serving Christian families is the focus of his ministry. He will, however, serve families who prefer a non-religious service as long as they do not request anything that goes against his religious beliefs.  
Pastor Bob has served families at the following funeral homes: Evans Funeral Chapel, Parkville, Forest Hill and Hereford, Peaceful Alternatives Funeral and Cremation Center, Harry H. Witzke's Family Funeral Home, Eline Funeral Home, David J. Weber Funeral Home, Bailey Funeral Home, Candlelight Funeral Home by Craig Witzke, Donaldson Funeral Home of Laurel,  Zumbrun Funeral Home, Haight Funeral Home, Connelly Funeral Home of Essex, Connelly Funeral Home of Dundalk, Duda Ruck Funeral Home, MacNabb Funeral Home and Hubbard Funeral Home. A funeral home's listing is no to be considered an endorsement or recommendation of Pastor Bob by any funeral home. It is simply included to provide a family with an idea of the geographic area that Pastor Bob serves.

Pastor Bob has been trained in death notification and pastoral counseling. He has also served as a fire department and American Legion Chaplain, the Faith Community Commissioner and Chair of the Governor's Commission on Suicide Prevention. This information is provided to make you aware that Pastor Bob has the awareness and sensitivity necessary to serve families who are struggling with the tragic and sudden loss of a loved one.

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