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Thank You Notes From Family Members and Others
"Thank you for performing such a nice service.  Your kindness and support is deeply appreciated."  Family of N.M.
"Thank you so much for such a beautiful service for my mother.  I could not have asked for anything more.  The copy of the service was a pleasant surprise.  My uncle is deaf and I will be able to provide copies to him to make sure he didn't miss anything.  Thank you for showing my son that it is ok to cry, he needed that.  Remember you will always be Super Bob to me."  Daughter of E.L.
" Thank you for your consolation during this difficult time.  The service was beautiful and touching.  We sincerely appreciate your efforts to help memorialize and celebrate Dad's life."  Family of F.K.
"I can not thank you enough for all of your efforts to ensure my dad had a proper funeral.  Your time, expertise and care have meant a lot to me."  Daughter of R.S.
" Everyone said that "The Lord" sent His best because "He" knew you are what we needed.  The print out of the service that you sent brought tears and happy memories, that we shall remember forever."  Family of M.M.
"You did such a wonderful job.  I am not sure saying thank you is meaningful enough. I can't tell you the amount of people that stopped by to say what a nice service it was. The Dash poem was so powerful to me... Thank you for everything it meant so much to us."  Family of Ronnie S.
"... thanks for serving the family as well as you did. Paul said this was only his 2nd funeral he’s ever attended – the other one at a funeral home. He said this was so much more positive and it turned out well. He said that you are a gifted speaker! I know the family was in good hands with you!" Laura, Church Staff
"Thank you again for a beautiful service for my family. Your selections of poems and kind words about my brother in law were much appreciated and comforting. Asking for anyone to offer their own words was much appreciated as well. My sister was very moved by your service.

"Thank you for your flexibility when we were faced with a possible delay and for also adding additional things such as his time at Home Depot. Larry enjoyed his time there..." 
Rob, Brother in Law of Larry H.

"I wanted to extend my thanks for your efforts and the service you performed last Sunday. My family and I appreciate everything."   Tom, Son of Annabelle W.

"We would like to thank you so much for the beautiful service you did for George at the Weber Funeral Home.  It was touching and very inspiring." Marylee, Niece of George E.

"Thank you for the lovely service you had for my mother, Ruth. Yours is a difficult job, often not knowing the deceased or family personally but with scripture, prayers, poems and your kind words you touched our hearts, eased our grief and gave us peace.  We are very grateful."  Nancy, daughter of Ruth

" Our family would like to express our sincere gratitude, no words could ever express how greatly we appreciated your presence, prayers and kind words you spoke of our Aunt during her service.  Our Aunt was a source of great joy and love in our lives.  We are blessed to have had her for so many years.  May her bright spirit live in all of us. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers during our time of great sorrow.  With warmest regards, Patty & Bob", Family of Edith L.

"We so appreciate the wonderful service you conducted for Irv.  Even though you had never met Irv, you spoke of him as if you had known him for years.  Your service was reverent, as well as thoughtful, with just the right touch of humor, so needed at this difficult time."  Sam, Sr., Sam Jr & Linda, Family of Irving M.

"I, and everyone I spoke to about it, so much approved of and enjoyed your sermon.  Thank you so much for helping people remember Earl so favorably and fondly."  Jean, wife of Earl S. 

" My sisters and I wanted to thank you again for officiating at the memorial service for our Mom, Marge, on January 10.  Even though you had never met any of us until that morning, you did a great job of painting a picture of Mom's life and reminding us of good memories.  Even the children were listening.  The great-grandsons who lived next door were nodding and smiling at the banana bread story.  And
my granddaughter asked me later if I would take her on a trip when she was 13 to carry on Gubba's tradition.
We are all attempting to move on and to remember happy times, but we didn't want to forget to thank you again for doing the memorial service. Thank you,"  Daughter of Marge

"Thank you for taking part in Jonny's service.  I felt a comfort with you the first time I talked to you.  It was like you were meant to be sent to me at this time. Thank you for everything that you did for us today. You helped us to remember and honor Jonny's life." Pat, Jonny's Mother

"Our sincere thanks for your beautiful message and tribute at our mother's funeral in January at the Evans Funeral Chapel. Our mother is Louanna. Your words were very inspiring and comforting. We are very grateful that you were able to officiate at both of our parents' funerals and honor them just seven months apart. Although we are still grieving, we are comforted to know they are together forever. We apologize for the delay in expressing our thanks. We pray that you continue to heal from your accident." Debbie and Robin, Daughters of Louanna. 

"Thank you so much for your kindness during my time of sadness." Rosemary, wife of Everett

"Thank you for your thoughtful and meaningful words at our dad's service. You brought light and comfort to our family and friends during this difficult time. Thank you again." The family of Ken.

"Thank you for the wonderful memorial to Doug." The family of Doug.

"Our family and friends would like to thank you for your words of encouragement during my mother's (Melanie) service a few weeks ago. We were comforted by your kind and thoughtful message of hope. Nancy, daughter of Melanie.

"I don't believe I had a chance to properly thank you for your kind words for my dad at his service on Monday. Thank you very much. It was very nice, and we appreciate it so much." Melanie, daughter of Claude.

" We want to thank you for your kind words and prayers at the service for our mother" The family of Lian

"Thank you once again for taking the time to speak at Candle Light Funeral Home in remembrance of my mother, Jackie.  It was a beautiful sermon and as a surprise to me, a copy of it given in your folder.  You have been a blessing to our family during this difficult time with many thanks and appreciation.  May God bless you as you continue your services that God called you to do." Teresa, daughter of Jackie

"The family of Arthur would like to thank you for your exceptional job in providing our Dad's service. Your final salute to him was greatly appreciated and heart warming to us." The family of Arthur.